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Saturday, April 21
10:00 a.m.
Environmental Book Club

This book club was formed out of an interest in raising not just awareness, but interest and the “environmental IQ” of our local community. Group members represent a range of interests and knowledge about environmental issues, and have set out to create and maintain a place where ideas and information can be shared in civil and welcoming ways. The community is welcome to attend, listen and discuss.

Selection this month: Elon Musk: Tesla, Spacex, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

Monday, April 23
6:00 p.m.
Mind-Body-Spirit Book Club

Our newest book club! Join this discussion of books that focus on the mind, body and spirit as art of an individual’s well-being. Authors will include Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Joyce Ru and others. The club will explore the author’s ideas and how they can incorporate some practical applications into our everyday lives to encourage balance and joy.

Selection this month: The Desert Pilgrim: En Route to Mysticism and Miracles by Mary Swander

Tuesday, April 24
7:00 p.m.
Mystery Book Club

Come join this group that has been meeting for over 20 years! New members always welcome; all you need is a love of mysteries and a burning desire to talk about them with a fun group of folks!

Selection this month: Heartbreak Hotel by Jonathan Kellerman

Saturday, April 28
Independent Bookstore Day!

Independent Bookstore Day (IBD) is a celebration of books, readers and indie bookselling that started in California in 2014; it is modeled after the extremely successful Record Store Day.

To show their support for indies, publishers produce unique, limited-edition books and literary art pieces that are only available at participating bookstores on Bookstore Day. You can’t get them before. You can’t get them online, and you most certainly can’t get them at Target. The items we have available this year are pretty special!

Now in its fourth year, IBD has become a nationwide party as big and varied as the country itself. In 2017 more than 350 stores in 45 states participated.

Check below to see what we have planned!

Saturday, April 29
11:00 a.m.
Story Time with Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm

Miss Donna will be here for a special story time with Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm! Listen to stories, make a craft, have a snack, and get your picture taken!

Saturday, April 28
1:00 p.m.
Local Author Fair

What better way to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day than with a Local Author Fair featuring our own “independent” authors! Join us as recently-published local authors showcase their books. Our local author events have become popular with both authors and readers, and we’re pleased to present another group of authors and their books – something for everyone! Every author is someone’s local author!

Featured authors and books…

John Donovan
The Rocheville Devil

Rocheville Elementary School has sat vacant since 1972, untouched, ignored even by vandals. But 30 years later there’s life inside. Tom Skolka, the last student to leave the building before it closed, has returned to escape the brutality of the world and relive his childhood memories. But this plan has drawbacks, mostly in the form of the fifth-grade teacher who keeps intruding on Tom’s visions and casting doubts about his sanity.

John M Donovan is the author of three novels set in the Midwest. “I’ve been writing all my life,” says Donovan, “but I didn’t hit my stride till I turned 50.” Next up: a collection of short stories, two novella sequels to Trombone Answers, and a satirical novel about professional sports. “My goal as a writer is always to entertain and enlighten,” he says. “When people I read my work, I hope they’ll react in one of two ways: ‘Yes, that’s how it is,’ or “Gee, I didn’t realize that’s how it is.”

Philip Graham
Silly Lilly

This is a book about a very charming, adorable, and silly cat named Lilly. Adopted as a kitten, she tells her story of how important it is to find a home filled with love. The story is written in a light and fun way, which children will enjoy, and also has some important life lessons for everybody.

Born in upstate NY Philip Graham moved a lot as a child. He experienced life in New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Having a great child hood and so many experiences he felt that writing children’s books he could share some of those experiences. In light of that he took a course from Institute of Children’s Literature which helped to formulate his writing style and content. With a love for animals and his passion for rescuing them his wife Debra and he adopted a cat. They named her Lilly and she was such a comical addition to their family he wrote his first book about her. So Lilly tells her life’s story in a light and entertaining way. Sequels to come.

Jason Kessler
Tea with Jesus

Tea With Jesus is not a religious story, although it has some religious themes. It balances philosophy, storytelling, and fantasy to tell the tale of one man’s life, which could be any of our lives. Read the book, and discover what tea-time is all about.

Jason Kessler grew up in the Twin Cities. He received an MD from the University of Iowa in 1998 and completed pediatric residency in Youngstown, Ohio in 2001. After practicing as a pediatrician for 10 years, he "retired" to become a Medicaid Medical Director in 2010. He is currently the program director for Des Moines University's Physician Assistant program. He is also an accomplished musician and has several original CDs to his credit. He has played guitar, keyboards, harmonica and vocals for Des Moines area rock bands. He is also the author of the popular “Philosophical Fridays,” which can be found on his blog at https://thingsbyjason.wordpress.com. His first novel St. Bartholomew's Bloodwas published in 2014.

Robert Tremmel
The Records of Kosho the Toad

The Records of Kosho the Toad is a collection of poems that follows the main character, a toad with the Japanese name Kosho, through the ups, downs, and sideways of his spiritual practice and search for meaning. Most of the poems in the second half of the collection are based loosely on selected koans taken from the first half of The Blue Cliff Record, a twelfth century compilation of Chinese Zen texts. The book opens with “a toad walks into a bar” story; winds through various places, some evocative of Zen (and, to a lesser extent, Christian) practice; passes down many roads; and ends up back in a bar located possibly in China or on the coast of some other country.

Robert Tremmel grew up in Sheldon, Iowa and went to the University of Iowa as an undergraduate. After hauling furniture and teaching high school for a few years, he went back to Iowa as a graduate student, taught seven years at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas, and then finished out his teaching career at Iowa State University. In 1992, along with three others, he co-founded the Des Moines Zen Center and has practiced there ever since. He has published widely as both an English educator and a poet, with books including Driving the Milford Blacktop, Crossing Crocker Township, There is a Naked Man, and Zen and the Practice of Teaching English. He and his wife, Michelle, live in Ankeny, and in their combined family they have four children and four grandchildren.

Tuesday, May 1
7:00 pm
Beaverdale Writers' Group

Join this group of lively area writers started by local author Jerry Hooten. Not a critique group; discussion centers around the publishing process and marketing your work once it's published. And there is wine.

Tuesday, May 8
7:00 p.m.
Hunter’s Picks Book Club

The Hunter’s Picks Book Club takes its inspiration from Paul’s Book Club at Prairie Lights in Iowa City, which Hunter attended while in college. This book club will read primarily literary fiction. The quirk of this book group, like that of Paul’s, is that Hunter will be the one choosing all book club selections. Suggestions are welcome, but Hunter will have final say. He’s such a control freak that way.

Selection this month: Last Days of California by Mary Miller

Monday, May 21
6:00 p.m.
Urbandale UCC Book Club

The Urbandale United Church of Christ Book Club is now meeting at Beaverdale Books! Membership is open to anyone, so if you like good books and a good discussion, this could be your book club!

Selection this month: A House Among the Trees by Julia Glass