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Monday, February 25
6:00 p.m.
Mind-Body-Spirit Book Club

Join this discussion of books that focus on the mind, body and spirit as art of an individual’s well-being. Authors will include Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Joyce Ru and others. The club will explore the author’s ideas and how they can incorporate some practical applications into our everyday lives to encourage balance and joy.

Selection this month: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

Tuesday, February 26
7:00 p.m.
Mystery Book Club

Come join this group that has been meeting for over 20 years! New members always welcome; all you need is a love of mysteries and a burning desire to talk about them with a fun group of folks!

Selection this month: Apothecary Rose by Candace Robb AND Spider Woman's Daughter by Anne Hillerman

Thursday, February 28
6:00 p.m.
Poetry Readings: Anders Carlson-Wee, Jennifer Knox, and Michaela Mullin

Anders Carlson-Wee's poems have appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Kenyon Review, Ploughshares, BuzzFeed, and many other publications. The recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and winner of the 2017 Poetry International Prize, he lives in Minneapolis.

Jennifer L. Knox was born in Lancaster, California. She received a BA from the University of Iowa and an MFA from New York University.

Knox is the author of Days of Shame and Failure (Bloof Books, 2015),The Mystery of the Hidden Driveway (Bloof Books, 2010), Drunk by Noon (Bloof Books, 2007), and A Gringo Like Me (Bloof Books, 2007).

Knox's poetry is known for its darkly imaginative humor. The poet Patricia Smith writes, "I cannot imagine what the inside of her head must be like, all tango and blaring and pinball, locked in its relentless churn. I can’t believe that mere covers were able to contain this tender, this snorting laughter, these rampant truths."

Knox has previously taught creative writing at Hunter College and New York University. She currently lives in Iowa, where she teaches at Iowa State University.

Michaela Mullin is a writer and editor living in Des Moines. She is the Associate Editor of Nomadic Press (nomadicpress.org), gallery writer for Moberg Gallery (moberggallery.com), and works by day on Ingersoll Avenue as production coordinator at Beeline and Blue. Much of her poetry is lyric and spare, and her essays and reviews often read like prose poems. She has published one full poetry collection, must (2016), a collaboration with Argentine artist Mariela Yeregui, and is currently working on a collaborative project with artist Kathranne Knight, about caregiving and the maternal, as well as physical and cognitive debilitations. Mullin's new work is focused on the diaristic and prose poetry.

Sunday, March 3
2:00 p.m.
Poetry Readings: Crystal Stone and Kelsey Bigelow

In Crystal's debut collection, she explores the formation and transformation of identity. "Nothing is as it appears, the poems say. Surfaces deceive. The old authorities are not to be trusted - not god, not myth, not mother. And death lurks around corners. "Every day starts and ends the same / except when it doesn't." How to live in such a fraught world? "Surrender," the poems say. "Let the water below run black. Let web. / Let the spider. Let land. Let light. / Let trees stretch out. Let be. Let sing." - Debra Marquart, author of Small Buried Things: Poems.

Crystal Stone is an MFA candidate at Iowa State University, currently serving as poetry editor at Flyway: Journal of Environmental Writing. She gave a TEDx talk called "The Transformative Power of Poetry" in April. Her writing has previously appeared or is forthcoming in SWWIM, PHEMME, peculiar, Sport Literate, Collective Unrest, Driftwood Press, New Verse News, Occulum, Anomaly, BONED, Eunoia Review, {isacoustic*}, Tuck Magazine, Writers Resist, Drunk Monkeys, Coldnoon, Poets Reading the News, Jet Fuel Review, Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, North Central Review, Badlands Review, Green Blotter, Southword Journal Online, University of Arizona Poetry Center Blog and Writers Digest Poetic Asides.

In her debut poetry collection, Sprig of Lilac, Kelsey Bigelow combines grief and poetry to open a raw conversation about becoming a motherless daughter at a young age. Through multiple voices, she broadens the perspective to other forms of the grieving process. Kelsey combines poetry of various genres - traditional lyric, erasure, and documentary - and includes a few co-written pieces to share other perspectives and reactions to grief. This collection provides a beautiful and visceral look into the mourning and healing process and is great for anyone who has experienced loss or who wants to better understand those going through it.

Kelsey Bigelow is an up-and-coming Midwestern poet who finds catharsis through words. She actively participates in monthly slams, open mics, workshops, and writers’ groups in the Des Moines and Ames, Iowa, areas.

She has been published in America's Emerging Poets 2018: Midwest Region and Wisconsin's Best Emerging Poets, both by Z Publishing House. While earning her degree in professional and creative writing, Kelsey won Thomas A. Hickey Creative Writing Awards for her short stories, Karaoke and How to Live Without Your Mom, and her poem, My hardest funeral.

Discover more at kelkaybpoetry.com. You can also watch her document the life of a poet on Instagram and Facebook (@kelkaypoetry), and you can check out a few of her videos on YouTube (Kelsey Bigelow Poetry).

Tuesday, March 12
7:00 p.m.
Hunter's Picks Book Club

The Hunter's Picks Book Club takes its inspiration from Paul's Book Club at Prairie Lights in Iowa City, which Hunter attended while in college. This book club will read primarily literary fiction. The quirk of this book group, like that of Paul's, is that Hunter will be the one choosing all book club selections. Suggestions are welcome, but Hunter will have final say. He's such a control freak that way.

Selection this month: The Friend by Sigrid Nunez

Thursday, March 14
6:30 p.m.
Beaverdale Book Browsers Book Club

Beaverdale Books' original book club is once again open to new members! This book club was at capacity for a while, but as people come and go there are openings for new readers looking for a book club. The club started when the store opened in 2006 and has been going strong ever since. What began as a group of strangers has been a testament to the power of books to bring people together. Selections are eclectic and the discussion is always interesting. Food and wine are always part of the fun as well. Anyone is welcome!

Selection this month: The Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook

Saturday, March 16
10:00 a.m.
Environmental Book Club

This book club was formed out of an interest in raising not just awareness, but interest and the "environmental IQ" of our local community. Group members represent a range of interests and knowledge about environmental issues, and have set out to create and maintain a place where ideas and information can be shared in civil and welcoming ways. The community is welcome to attend, listen and discuss.

Selection this month: The Water Will Come by Jeff Goodelll

Monday, March 18
6:00 p.m.
Urbandale UCC Book Club

The Urbandale United Church of Christ Book Club is now meeting at Beaverdale Books! Membership is open to anyone, so if you like good books and a good discussion, this could be your book club!

Selection this month: Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan