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IS YOUR BOOK CLUB REGISTERED WITH US? Book Clubs that are registered with Beaverdale Books will receive a 10% discount on their book club selections. Books must be ordered in quantity for all members of your club, although we do realize that not every member will need every book every month. Just designate a "point person" in your club who will contact us with your order, and we will do the rest!

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Teachers - just show us your school I.D. and receive 10% off on books for your classroom. You may either take the discount yourself, OR we will donate it to your school! Home schoolers are also welcome to take advantage of this discount. We can special order any book you need, and in most cases can get books with library bindings if you wish.

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Devoted reader opens Beaverdale bookstore today

July 8, 2006

Talk about a plot twist.

A growing metropolitan area, dominated by franchise bookstores, supplemented by a handful of Christian and used bookstores, will be home to an independent that sells new books.

Bucking the trend, Alice Meyer will open Beaverdale Books at 9 a.m. today in the north Des Moines neighborhood.

The cozy corner shop of the Beaverdale strip mall, splayed with natural light from large windows on two sides, has been painted a muted green with quotes stenciled on the walls.

Meyer, 54, will specialize in Iowa and Iowa Writers' Workshop authors, do-it-yourself, and health and fitness.

She is pitching convenience and attention to customer needs as both an avid reader and member of the tight Beaverdale community for 21 years before moving to Johnston three years ago.

When her kids attended Hoover High School and needed a book for class, she dreaded the drive all the way over to West Des Moines.

Opening the store was also a dream for the former social worker and state employee.

"I've planned this for two years," said Meyer, who will join The Book Store downtown as a rare independent in Des Moines.

Her initial selection is a reader's delight, from noted authors Tom Wolfe and Ian McEwan to mass market suspense and mystery novels, from the literary offerings of Annie Dillard and E.L. Doctorow to the mass-appeal novels of Stephen King and James Patterson.