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November 18, 2021
6:30 pm

Julie Stone | He’s With the Band 


What if you got to make a different choice?

What if Campbell Cavett had done the deed with the lead singer of Golden Tiger when she had the chance twenty years ago? That’s the question that haunts her to this day. So, when the band launches their reunion tour, the divorced, family portrait photographer knows one thing for sure: she must be there!  After all, her soul-less life is nowhere close to the one she envisioned for herself the summer she followed her favorite band and aspired to be a rock and roll photographer.

Little does she know this one concert will change her life. A chance run in with the band’s Stage Manager, Vince Caputo, leads her behind the velvet rope and with a little persuasion lands her the job of her dreams as tour photographer.  But it also makes her wonder why, after doing his best to keep her from the band back in the day, Vince is suddenly so happy to have her around. And even more perplexing, why he would give her a job she isn’t the least bit qualified to do?

Spending so much time with the band, Campbell starts to feel like the creative woman she should have become years ago. But as the tour rolls on and her fling with the lead singer comes close to reality, Campbell discovers that maybe her idea of a rock and roll fantasy has changed after all these years. Maybe it has less to do with being a notch on a mic stand and more to do with having a loyal, handsome, behind-the-scenes guy by her side. Will she choose the life she wanted back then, or decide to create something real that will last long after the music fades? 


Julie Stone was born a child of the seventies complete with rainbow shirts, bell bottoms and a belief in unicorns.  All that whim and whimsey ushered her into the wonderful world of being a teenager in the eighties, something she has a hard time letting go of most days. I mean, the styles, the music, the movies? It was a playground for the creative mind she was growing.

Alas, she had to leave all that behind and become an adult. Graduating with a degree in English from the University of Iowa (go Hawks!) where along with a degree she also earned herself a husband. She embarked on all of the regular, boring grown up things that come with age. Until the magical world of motherhood brought along a new chapter of joy, terror and sleepless nights.  But also, nap time. Suddenly there was time to go back to her creative calling and write. Through raising two boys, several moves around the Midwest, those stories and that keyboard kept her company and kept her, relatively sane. (Depending on who you ask.)

Currently settled in Iowa, she continues to pursue her love of the written word, her cat and sMothering the three boys in her life to the best of her abilities.

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