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Hunter says, “Porter writes in such a unique, inventive style. Shy takes place  in the head of a troubled teenage boy. Porter captures what it feels like trying to listen to all the voices swirling around your head. I would recommend, if possible, consuming Shy in a single gulp.”


This is the story of a few strange hours in the life of a troubled teenage boy.

You mustn’t do that to yourself Shy. You mustn’t hurt yourself like that.

He is wandering into the night listening to the voices in his head: his teachers, his parents, the people he has hurt and the people who are trying to love him.

Got your special meds, nutcase?

He is escaping Last Chance, a home for ‘very disturbed young men’, and walking into the haunted space between his night terrors, his past and the heavy question of his future.

The night is huge and it hurts.


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