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The Age of AI and Our Human Future

Jan says, This is a fascinating subject that we should all take the time to learn and understand.  The book contains wonderful descriptions of current artificial intelligence triumphs.  This is not a quick or easy read and I confess I got bogged down in some of the technical jargon, but it’s well worth taking the time to learn more about what is currently in use and the ever-increasing role that AI will play in our future. 

Three of the world’s most accomplished and deep thinkers come together to explore Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the way it is transforming human society—and what this technology means for us all.

An AI learned to win chess by making moves human grand masters had never conceived. Another AI discovered a new antibiotic by analyzing molecular properties human scientists did not understand. Now, AI-powered jets are defeating experienced human pilots in simulated dogfights. AI is coming online in searching, streaming, medicine, education, and many other fields and, in so doing, transforming how humans are experiencing reality.

In The Age of AI, three leading thinkers have come together to consider how AI will change our relationships with knowledge, politics, and the societies in which we live. The Age of AI is an essential roadmap to our present and our future, an era unlike any that has come before.

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