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Katie Purcell | Molly’s Big Score 

A friendship story that opens a discussion on inclusion and children with disabilities.  Molly wants nothing more than to score...

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Amy Lee Lillard | Dig Me Out 

Meet the Co-Creator of Broads and Books Podcast In this multilayered, provocative, and outrageously imaginative literary debut, Amy Lee Lillard...

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Anna Lind Thomas | We’ll Laugh About This Someday

Everything's funny...eventually. A hilarious argument in favor of taking life a smidge less seriously. Popular humor writer Anna Lind Thomas...

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Nicole Baart | Everything We Didn’t Say

She left, promising never to return to tiny Jericho, Iowa. Juniper Baker was 19, college bound, and deeply in love...

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Leilani Raven Katen | The Nameless Girl and the Lonely Alligator 

 Is asking someone to sacrifice everything, to satisfy endless loneliness, worth the chances of becoming lonely again? The nameless girl,...

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Joseph Le Valley | Performing Murder

In this fourth tale of his exploits, Tony Harrington races against time to save the people he loves, win a...

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James Han Mattson | Reprieve 


Join authors Kali White VanBaale and James Han Mattson as they discuss his critically-acclaimed new novel REPRIEVE, a chilling and...

Poetry Reading

Robert Tremmel | Return of the Naked Man

Are all things possible? In Robert Tremmel’s sly, playful poems, the naked man contains multitudes: alternately bodied and bodiless, muse...

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Ray Cole | Hangin’ with Winners: A Lifetime of Connections, Anecdotes and Lessons Learned

What makes a winner? Sure, it's a vague question, but one that's essential for highly driven and motivated individuals to...

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James A. Autry | The White Man Who Stayed

The story of one white man, but also of an epic struggle that still plagues the South. Following perilous duty...

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Julie Stone | He’s With the Band 


What if you got to make a different choice? What if Campbell Cavett had done the deed with the lead...

Meet the Author

Tony Tracy | Welcome To Your Life 

Poetry Reading The chief characteristic of these poems is extreme simplicity of style united with profound emotion. The poems reveal...