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Julie’s thoughts: This is a faced-paced, fascinating, and very well-researched book with a lot of heart-stopping action and a brilliant, totally satisfying ending. The writing is superb and I think I fall a little in love with every character Wein writes. This is perfect for fans of strong protagonists, interesting quirks of history, and truly spectacular mysteries.

When Stella North is chosen to represent Britain in Europe’s first air race for young people, she knows all too well how high the stakes are. As the only participating female pilot, it’ll be a constant challenge to prove she’s a worthy competitor. But promoting peace in Europe feels empty to Stella when civil war is raging in Spain and the Nazis are gaining power—and when, right from the start, someone resorts to cutthroat sabotage to get ahead of the competition.

The world is looking for inspiration in what’s meant to be a friendly sporting event. But each of the racers is hiding a turbulent and violent past, and any one of them might be capable of murder…including Stella herself.


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