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Local Author Fair

February 12, 2022
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Local Author Fair


If you love to read and you love to meet local writers, be sure to attend the Beaverdale Books Local Author Fair featuring six writers–all with interesting stories to share!   Enjoy free refreshments and a chance to meet six authors!  We hope to see you there!

Geral Blanchard

Awakening the Healing Soul: Indigenous Wisdom for Today’s World is a paradigm busting exploration of contemporary psychology and medicine that updates both professions with ancient shamanic wisdom.  Having traveled to remote regions of the world studying “jungle medicine” Blanchard, through storytelling and in fine trickster fashion, charts a hopeful course for suffering individuals.  Traditional medicine people – shamans and sangomas are among the author’s instructors. The healing power of the mind, rituals within ceremonies, community involvement, and plant medicines can remedy most and human affliction from trauma to addiction.  The age-old aboriginal concepts of sacred magic and the super natural (vs. supernatural) hold equal standing with many Western healing practices.  Best-practices are more than mechanical, they are spirit infused – a time-tested indigenous tenet.

Raymond Cornell

Imagine how you would feel if you woke up one day and learned that your best friend was the most prolific serial killer in America and most of his victims looked like you. That was the start of a forty-year quest to understand the mind of a killer and friend. The search led to others like him and their dark compulsions.   The Ripper’s Children: Inside the World of Modern Serial Killers is a nonfiction book that examines how their murderous drives may originate. Can serial murderers control their killing sprees? Are the causes social, genetic, or biochemical? The book sheds light on the blackest corner of the human mind. This book may cause you to take a closer look at your relatives, friends, and neighbors.


Jeff Kluever

Samantha Cooper is a 15-year-old orphan living with her uncle on the American frontier in 1872, seven years after the Civil War. Her uncle’s refusal to talk about the past has deprived Samantha of her own history, resigning her to the fact that she will never learn about her father – his life, or his death. That is until Miss Juliet Howe enters Samantha’s world as the new schoolteacher. Educated, independent, and forthright, Miss Howe pushes Samantha to find the answers she seeks, with or without her uncle’s consent. This coming-of-age story explores the importance of understanding one’s past, the choices that determine one’s future, and how pain and loss cast long shadows over both.


Jennifer Luing-Schafer

Willow Oakes is not like the other women who live in the small farming village of Baxter.  She lives alone.  She is a healer, counselor, friend, and a wee bit magical.  She has even been described as bewitching.  When a visitor comes to visit, her whole life changes.  Unknowingly to her, events take place that will awaken her to a new way of life





Dr. Ninja

Many people want to become a veterinarian when they are growing up. Twelve-year-old Ray, gets to live it. His father is a veterinarian and works on all kinds of animals. It’s not just playing with puppies and kittens, it’s much more. Difficult clients, dangerous situations, wild escapes, and gross disgusting stuff is all part of the job too. Ray gets to experience it all. Riding with My Dad is a book for fans of All Creatures Great and Small, and everyone that ever wanted to become a veterinarian.




Val Weaver

In A Winter Mirage, an elderly man teaches his granddaughter a lesson on dealing with bullies and then tells all his grandchildren of an adventure he had when he was about their age. That adventure took place at the bottom of a pond on the family farm. Did it really happen or was it a hallucination– the result of a near drowning?





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