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Meet the Author

June 11, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Martin Sneider | Amy Unbound

@ Beaverdale Books

Amy Unbound is a fun summer read full of intrigue, revenge and romance about the high-end worlds of fashion and politics.

Fashion. Politics. Revenge. The high-stakes drama continues in the follow-up to Shelf Life, “an intensely readable multigenerational family story that jumps off the page” –Michael Levin

Longtime fashion industry insider Martin Sneider gripped readers with his fiction debut, Shelf Life. “Like House of Gucci,” praised former Bloomingdale’s Vice-Chairman Frank Doroff, “this novel offers a peek inside a fashion empire, and a family in turmoil with a father and son locked in a titanic struggle for power.” The story centered on Josh Feldman, the firstborn son of Max Feldman, founder and ruthless leader of Fratelli Massimo, the ‘90s most celebrated fashion shoe store chain. After years of watching eager-to-please Josh work his way up in the family business, Max finally thanked him with a severance package. After being stabbed in the back, Josh set out to take Max down. With his wife, Amy, a brilliant lawyer, Josh devised a plan to liquidate the crumbling shoe giant and humiliate Max. Reaping riches from the deal, Josh continues to focus on his career in retailing while Amy leaves her high-pressure partnership at a law firm.  The almost-bankrupt Max flees St. Louis to sponge off lovers and suckers in Miami.

Amy Unbound continues the saga of the Feldman family—focusing on Josh’s wife.  Once again demonstrating his gift for creating flesh-and-blood characters and compelling plots, Martin Sneider captures the toll of the drive for success in a marriage while drawing readers into another volatile, adrenaline-fueled world: politics.

At Amy’s urging, Josh took an executive position with Missouri Atlantic Group (MAG), the same huge private equity concern that bought Fratelli Massimo. She knew her husband thrived in the thick of the retail fray, and with the decline of the mall, the rise of the internet, the Great Recession, and several sexual harassment complaints against store managers, MAG had plenty of challenges to keep him occupied battling the complacency and inertia of MAG’s conventional bricks and mortar retail chains. But she wasn’t prepared for how Josh’s big career comeback would affect her. With Josh frequently away on business and distant when he was home, Amy felt neglected and, worse, unfulfilled.

She finds renewed purpose on the “Hope and Change Express”—a chartered bus filled with kindred members of the National Council of Jewish Women on their way to Washington, D.C., to witness the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama. Swept up in the enthusiasm and basking in the NCJW president’s recognition of her talent for getting things done and faith in her ability to make a meaningful difference, Amy decides to fully commit to her activism. Before long, she is recruited by The Chicago Alliance for Social Justice, a brand-new NGO with deep pockets and powerful connections. And Josh is the one left feeling neglected by his wife’s demanding new career.

Keeping the tension mounting and the twists coming, Amy Unbound follows Amy as she throws herself into her work and begins to question her marriage. While Amy flirts with a dangerous romantic relationship and Josh comes to terms with the cost of his obsession with leading a fashion retail empire, broke and vengeful Max is stewing and scheming, waiting for the perfect chance to exact revenge on his son and daughter-in-law.

Projected release date: June 4, 2024 – PREORDER NOW 

Martin Sneider has been a leader in the shoe and clothing industries for more than five decades. Since 1992, he has served as an award-winning adjunct professor at Washington University’s Olin School of Business, where he created and taught a course devoted to luxury goods merchandising and marketing that included trips with students to Milan, Paris, and London to visit the showrooms of Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, and Cartier. A fourth-generation retailer, Sneider started as a shoe salesman and rose to president, chief merchant, and co-CEO of one of the nation’s largest fashion and shoe apparel specialty chains. He served on the Alumni Board of Directors of Harvard Business School, was chairman of St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Washington University. In addition to his acclaimed debut novel, Shelf Life, and its sequel, Amy Unbound, he is the author of a nonfiction book on the shoe industry. He has two children and four granddaughters and lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and New York City.

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